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The Canada School of the Public Service is no longer offering retirement seminars. The Retirement Planning Institute (RPI) continues to offer its seminars and is expanding in the Regions.

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October 2018
Message from the Editor
15 Travel Planning Tips
Travel isn’t all it is cracked up to be
Social relationships after retirement
June 2018
Message from the Editor
A Travel Series is Launched
Seeking Your Travel Advice
Maintaining Your Intellectual Capacities in Retirement
February 2018
Message from the Editor
RPI Education available across Canada through Regional Seminars and new Webinars
Results of the Financial Planning Survey
Challenges Facing Couples in Managing Retirement Finances
The Council on Aging of Ottawa
Book Reviews
October 2017
Message from the Editor
Why Use a Financial Planner?
Financial Planning Tools
Picking Up Twigs: The Problem of Over-diagnosis by the Medical Profession

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