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Program Outline
Comprehensive Retirement Planning (R) - English
Novembre 23-25, 2020
Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel
Mackenzie Room
10222 – 102nd Street
Edmonton, AL
Seminar Director: ANDREW FORCIER

Aim of the Seminar

This three-day seminar provides participants with information and experience aimed at increasing their knowledge and awareness of significant factors which could affect their financial security, physical well-being and mental health in retirement.

Subjects covered

Full coverage of your pension plan (Public Service Superannuation Act - PSSA) by a PSSA Certified speaker;
Accurate information on legal issues such as the preparation of wills, powers of attorney and estate planning;
Timely strategies for managing the aging process as it affects health;
Comprehensive advice on how to develop a sound financial plan that will support personal retirement goals - presented by a PSSA Certified speakers; and
Valuable knowledge of the psychosocial issues individuals face as they move through the transition to retirement

The Table shows broad subject titles only; a more detailed description of the Program is contained in the manual provided to each participant at the Seminar.

Welcome to the Novembre 23-25, 2020 Comprehensive Retirement Planning (R) seminar. It will be held in English at the Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel (1022-102nd Street), in the Mackenzie room. This central location is located in downtown Edmonton. Parking is available on site (for a fee).

The seminar will be held at the Mackenzie room at the Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel (1022-102nd Street),

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By Car
Parking is available on site (for a fee)